Daniel Libeskind: Line of Fire

Electa, Milano, 1988


Exhibition catalogue/Artist book. 3 volumes in slipcase. Book 1: Architecture. Series of concrete poems based on elaborate variations of words. Book 2: Works. Showing Libeskind’s ‘machines’ in bl & w and colour plates – Reading Machine, Writing Machine/Memory Machine. Volume 3 : Nouvelles impressions d’architecture. Containing theoretical writings on architecture, with bl & w text illustrations, colour plates and folding showing model and drawing for Line of Fire for the exhibition at Centre d’Art Contemporain, Geneva. In very good condition, only slipcase slightly rubbed.


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3 volumes in papieren foedraal: 28 x 16, cm, vol.1: ca. 55 pagina's, vol.2: ca. 42 pagina's, vol.3: ca. 82 pagina's, paperbacks, Engels/Italiaans/Frans