Couleurs et motifs dans les miniatures Persanes

Leila Ghafarian, Mohammad Reza Nikbakht

Pyramyd Editions, 2019


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Major art of the Muslim world, the miniature occupied a particularly important place in the Persian culture. This book aims to study the patterns, to decipher them through their geometric composition and their color palette. 100 miniatures of breathtaking beauty are presented. For each of them, a motif is isolated and detailed in its different aspects.
Both a fascinating collection of images over a century old and a compilation of surprisingly modern motifs, this work will delight art lovers and creatives alike. Available in graphic, textile or plastic compositions, the colors and patterns of Persian miniatures have not finished dazzling us.

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ISBN: 9782350174426

220 pagina's, geïllustreerd in kleur, 24,5 x 19,5 cm, hardcover, Frans