Constructing and Detailing for Interior Design

Drew Plunkett

Laurence King Publishing, London, 2010


out of print

Construction and Detailing for Interior Design is structured to encourage a diversity of techniques, allowing each student the means to find and put into practice the appropriate solution to fabrication issues and also to express their own personal aesthetic.

With over 300 images – comprehensive and professional annotated drawings together with explanatory photographs of techniques, materials, tools and more – the principles of sound construction are explained, and the means to create successful variations on generic types of detailing provided.

In addition, the relation of existing building shells to the construction and detailing of new elements is explored, practical tips are given throughout the book, the roles of consultants, manufacturers, suppliers and fabricators are explained, and theories of modern, sustainable approaches to interior detailing are discussed.

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ISBN: 9781856696890

192 pagina's, 300 afbeeldingen, 28 x 21.6 cm, paperback, Engels