Congoville (the book)

Contemporary Artists Tracing Colonial Tracks / Hedendaagse kunstenaars bewandelen koloniale sporen

Pieter Boons, Sandrine Colard (Editors)

Leuven University Press, 2021


One hundred years after the founding of the École Coloniale Supérieure in Antwerp, the adjacent Middelheim Museum invites Sandrine Colard, researcher and curator, to conceive an exhibition that probes silenced histories of colonialism in a site-specific way. For Colard, the term Congoville encompasses the tangible and intangible urban traces of the colony, not on the African continent but in 21st-century Belgium: a school building, a park, imperial myths, and citizens of African descent. In the exhibition and this adjoining publication, the concept Congoville is the starting point for 15 contemporary artists to address colonial history and ponder its aftereffects as black flâneurs walking through a postcolonial city. Due to the multitude of perspectives and voices, this book is both a catalogue and a reference work comprised of artistic and academic contributions. Together, the participating artists and invited authors unfold the blueprint of Congoville, an imaginary city that still subconsciously affects us, but also encourages us to envision a decolonial utopia.

Companion to the exhibition CONGOVILLE, Middelheim Museum, May 2021 – October 2021


ISBN: 9789462702363

227 pagina's, illustraties in kleur, 30,2 x 20,2 cm, hardcover, Engels