Composite Landscapes: Photomontage and Landscape Architecture

Charles Waldheim and Andrea Hansen (Eds.)

Hatje Cantz, Ostfildern, 2013


out of print

Composite Landscapes examines one of landscape architecture’s most recognizable representational forms, the montage view. The volume gathers work from a select group of influential contemporary artists and a dozen of the world’s leading landscape architects. These composite views reveal practices of photomontage depicting the conceptual, experiential, and temporal dimensions of landscape. Composite Landscapes illustrates the analog origins of a method now rendered ubiquitous through digital means. In revisiting the composite landscape view as a cultural form, Composite Landscapes illuminates the contemporary status of the photographically constructed image for the design disciplines, and beyond.

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ISBN: 9783775738194

216 pagina's, 138 illustraties, 25.10 × 31 cm, hardcover, Engels