Communicado! A Complete Kit for Saying What You Really Think

Lucien Rothenstein

Redstone Press, 2018


‘Thank you Communicado! for putting an end to all my social difficulties.’
David Shrigley

‘Say goodbye to the heartache of keeping your thoughts to yourself. True self-expression is now just a postcard away.’ Roz Chast

So many things to say — but it’s so hard to find the words. Until now.
Communicado! by Lucien Rothenstein contains 30 large-format cards — many of them just waiting to be personalised — that allow you to say exactly what you mean to your friends, family, co-workers and the world in general. Display them in your home or office, or mail them to a deserving recipient.
Life is tough, love is awkward, and communication can seem complicated —but Communicado! makes it all so easy!

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ISBN: 9780995518117

30 kaarten in doos, kleurenillustraties, 16 × 22 cm, Engels