Collage: Cut and Paste – 400 Years of Collage

Patrick Elliott, Freya Gowrley, Yuval Etgar

National Galleries Schotland, 2019


This new and comprehensive book edited by art expert Patrick Elliott and published by the National Galleries of Scotland, contains high quality images of collage by professional, amateur and unknown artists featured in the exhibition. Elliot presents the diverse range of art on display, from 19th century DIY collage kits to Peter Blake and Jann Haworth’s cover for the Beatles’ Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. Also included are ‘flap-prints’, collage inspired by 70s counterculture, Valentines greeting cards, Pablo Picasso’s Cubist collage masterpieces and Dada and Surrealist collages by artists including Joan Miro and Max Ernst.

The art of making collage is defined by cutting and pasting a combination of materials or objects onto a background.  Buy this book and find out more about the fascinating subject of collage, the Cut and Paste 400 Years of Collage exhibition, and the artists who have used the technique of ‘cut and paste’ from the 17th century to now.


ISBN: 9781911054313

184 pagina's, 26 x 26 cm, 240 illustraties in kleur, paperback, Engels