Christophe Girot: Beyond the Edge

Christophe Girot, Maarten Delbeke, Jan De Vylder & Annamaria Prandi (Eds.), drawing by Inge Vinck

ETH Studio Jan De Vylder, 2023


Presented by ETH Studio Jan De Vylder, Carrousel Confessions Confusion is a series revealing both the authors’ personal interests and the studio’s own pursuits in the form of confessions.

Landscape architect Christophe Girot is the featured personage in this volume. Girot writes about his experiences growing up in England and France, and how the juxtaposition of the regions’ landscapes already happened in his mind, long before he had ever heard or studied anything about it. These contradictory aesthetic and cultural values drove him to study landscape architecture someplace else entirely – Berkeley, California, in the 1980s – where he found his own values challenged anew.

ISBN: 9783907363171

72 pagina's, geïllustreerd, 27 x 20 cm, paperback, Engels