Chasing Eden: Design Inspiration from the Gardens at Hortulus Farm

Jack Staub & Renny Reynolds, Rob Cardillo (photography)

Timber Press, 2021


Hortulus Farm, one of the most celebrated private gardens in America, is known as for its opulence and evocative mix of classical design and modern sensibilities. It has been featured in publications like House & Garden, House Beautiful, and Country Living and the New York Times called it formal, intimate, and grand. In Chasing Eden, Jack Staub and Renny Reynolds use their Pennsylvania-based garden to teach home gardeners the principles of garden design. And more importantly, how and when to break those rules to create a unique, attention-worthy landscape. Readers will learn about vistas and focal points; hardscape; garden furnishing and decoration; and plant palette. They’ll also learn more conceptual approaches, like the use of reveal and surprise, and how to beautifully incorporate a kitchen garden into a designed landscape. Equal parts inspirational and practical, this lavishly illustrated book, featuring photography by Rob Cardillo, will help gardeners create their own personal Edens.


ISBN: 9781604698732

272 pagina's, illustraties in kleur, 27 x 19 cm, hardcover, Engels