Charles Ross: The Substance of Light

Thomas McEvilley, Klaus Ottmann, Loïc Malle, Charles Ross

Radius Books, 2012


Charles Ross’ fascination with light, time, and the space of the stars has given life to a rich artistic career that includes a major earthwork, large-scale prism installations, sculpture, and painting with dynamite. From Star Axis, a vast architectonic earth/star work in the New Mexican desert, to his Solar Burns series made by burning woodpanel monochromes with focused rays of the sun, Ross allows the natural patterns and forces of the cosmos to inform his work. Charles Ross: The Substance of Light is a comprehensive volume that covers over four decades of work and features full-color illustrations of his Solar Spectrum artworks, Star Axis, and his Solar Burns, Star Maps, Dynamite Paintings and Drawings, along with early work and selected architectural commissions, including solar spectrum for the Dwan Light Sanctuary.

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ISBN: 9781934435496

354 pagina's, 146 illustraties in kleur, 26 × 32.5 cm, hardcover, Engels