Chantal Akerman: Passages

J. Guldemond, M. Bloemheuvel (Eds.)

Eye Filmmuseum & Nai010 Publishers, 2020


Chantal Akerman (Belgium, 1950-2015) was one of the first film directors to switch to the visual arts, in the mid-1990s. The transition would mark the start of a second – parallel – career. By the early 1970s Chantal Akerman had grown into one of the most important feminist avant-garde filmmakers of her generation. She discovered the possibilities of exhibition spaces in 1995, when she screened her film ‘D’Est’, originally a documentary, as a large spatial installation on 24 monitors. This publication focuses on Chantal Akerman’s spatial works of art and various authors discuss her highly personal oeuvre.

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ISBN: 9789462085503

176 pagina's, 27 x 22 cm, illustraties in kleur en zw/w, paperback, Engels