Chandigarh 1956


Ernst Scheidegger

Scheidegger und Spiess, Zurich, 2010


out of print

Le Corbusier’s masterplan and buildings for Chandigarh, capital of the Indian federal state of Punjab, is a landmark of 20th century architecture and urban planning. The Swiss photographer Ernst Scheidegger, founder member of the Magnum agency and famous for his pictures of the artist Alberto Giacometti, travelled to India and to Chandigarh several times in the 1950s. From this material he made a mock-up for a book, “Chandigarh 1956”, illustrated also with sketches and drawings by Le Corbusier.
These equally striking and illuminative photographs are published here for the first time.This book also includes a facsimile of Scheidegger’s original mock-up for “Chandigarh 1956”. The Swiss art historian Stanislaus von Moos investigates in a comprehensive essay the importance of Chandigarh and of Ernst Scheidegger’s photography, and explaining how Le Corbusier’s office also took control of publicity for the Chandigarh-project and analyses how the reception of urbanism and urban planning by the media has changed.

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ISBN: 9783858812223

160 pagina's, 60 kl & 100 zw/w illustraties, 28 x 22 cm, hardcover, Engels