Cecilia Puga. 2G n. 53


Patricio Mardones, Cecilia Puga, Smiljan Radic

Gustavo Gili, Barcelona, 2010


out of print

Notwithstanding the apparent isolation that might seem to go hand in hand with buildings created in this situation of remoteness, the work of this new batch of Chilean architects attempts to respond to scarcity by getting the most out of the material and spatial qualities of their designs. In this framework, Cecilia Puga’s work responds to the wide range of commissions she has had (from single-family to communal housing and educational institutions), and proceeds from an optimistic attitude that does not, for all that, overlook such fundamental issues as the relationship between building and ground surface or the dialogue between mass in suspension and its stability.

This number of 2G brings together seventeen buildings and projects by the Chilean architect, including the exemplary House in Bahía Azul, in which the classic icon of the section of a house – the outline any child might draw – is manipulated, pivoted and transformed to produce a sense of strangeness in relation to its environment. Situated at the edge of a bare cliff on the Chilean coast, the icon is toned down and the house seems like a strange ruin in the landscape, almost.

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ISBN: 9788425223396

144 pagina's, 30 × 23 cm, Paperback, Spaans/Engels