Francis Smets, Marc Holthof, Virginia Tassinari, Fredie Floré (texts)

Casimir & Hopper&Fuchs, 2023


Casimir is a Belgian furnituremaker (b. 1966). Casimir is a furnituremaker. His style strips his furniture to the essence, to what it was originally designed for, reverting to the “archetype”. Semiotics plays an important role: language as the basis of culture. He describes his furniture as heavy, solid and in his view typically Flemish, Burgundian, Gallic. His use of durable, authentic and materials and construction techniques allows for the effects of time to impact on the designs. Besides an aesthetic choice, this is also the result of a deliberate decision to guarantee their utility. Casimir’s objects are designed to be used. Casimir’s designs originate from somewhere beyond the most extreme limit of reduction. At the height of simplicity, truth crosses over into criticism. This is why Casimir’s furniture, even in its most extreme simplicity, is always deviant.
[Jan Kenis, Cultural Engineer]


ISBN: 9789464002119

256 pagina's, geïllustreerd, 22,9 x 17 cm, flipbinding gecartonneerd, Engels