Carsten Nicolai. Unidisplay

Susanne Gaensheimer, Eva Huttenlauch (Ed.)

Gestalten, Berlin, 2013


This publication captures the consciousness-altering experience of Carsten Nicolai’s formidable and expandable project unidisplay. An excursion into scientific discourse, technical experimentation, architecture, art, and sound, unidisplay forms a compelling fresco out of physical phenomena, perspectives, and human perception. It consists of a more than 50-meter-long screen on which oscillating visual patterns and large-scale graphic modules are projected. This screen is flanked by two mirrored walls that expand the projections infinitely. The resulting digital (dis)orientation, color effects, flickering, optical illusions, and reflections take our perception to its limits.

This book gives readers the opportunity to disentangle the project’s concentrated sensory flood layer by layer. In the process, they not only gain insight into Nicolai’s impressive visual theories, but also into their own perceptions—and how they might lead them astray.

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ISBN: 9783899554861

80 pagina's, full color, 18,5 × 23 cm, hardcover, Engels/Duits