Capri l’éternelle

Jean-Pascal Hesse, foreword Brigitte Bardot

Éditions Gourcuff Gradenige, 2020


There are names that possess extraordinary strength. Capri, precisely, this gigantic rock, bathed by the cerulean blue of the Tyrrhenian Sea… is an Eden, between sky and sea that has always moved the senses.
Capri fascinates with its bitter beauty and many artists have tasted here the intoxication of creation and have succumbed to its charm. Capri is a myth where history and geography mingle with envy. As soon as its name is pronounced, one evokes the Emperor Tiberius and his cliffs throwing themselves brutally into the sea, the Faraglioni emerging from the water, the mythical Villa Malaparte immortalized by Brigitte Bardot or the exuberant Villa Lysis of the accursed poet Jacques Fersen.
For a long time a haven for fishermen and pirates, Capri has become a sort of election place for the frivolous jet-set.

Jean-Pascal Hesse, the author, in love with this legendary island and its codes, explores its emblematic places and its sublime hidden villas, not without revealing a few well-kept secrets!


ISBN: 9782353403035

240 pagina's, 200 kleurillustraties, 32 x 24 cm, hardcover, Frans