Bruce Nauman (Tate)

Andrea Lissoni, Nicholas Serota (Eds.)

Tate Publishing, 2020


Bruce Nauman is a restlessly inventive artist. Since the late 1960s he has shaped our understanding of how contemporary art can both reflect and comment on our experience of ourselves and the world.

Focusing in particular on his experiments with sound, language, moving image and immersive installations, this book includes texts on Nauman’s video works of the 1980s and 1990s, as well as on the development of his studio practice over a period of fifty years, along with a conversation between the artist, Andrea Lissoni and Nicholas Serota. Nauman is here revealed as an artist who has made his mark on the art of both the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.


ISBN: 9781849767187

176 pagina's, 26,3 x 20,9 cm, geïllustreerd, paperback, Engels