BranD No 52: Tea, Please!

BranD International Design Magazine / SendPoints Publishing, 2021


In this issue, we see culture, lifestyle, design as well as art as the vessel and “pour in” tea, in the hope to break stereotypes and bring forth innovation with multiple excellent designs. The designs, as mellow as tea, can fully express the characteristics of the brands.

The main contents can be divided into six parts: Story, Tea Travel, Design, Wagashi, Nayuki’s Tea Daily, and Art.
The book jacket of each magazine has two sides with two illustrations from the Dutch design studio— We are out of office. The book jacket is designed to be like a paper bag, using the semitransparent butter paper. Through that, readers can see the five different bookmarks inside the “paper bag”. When the “paper bag” of the book jacket is opened, there is a hidden surprise for readers—each magazine comes with five different large bookmarks co-created by BranD and Nayuki.

The most similarity between a magazine and a cup of tea lies in the temperature and enthusiasm. Each paper used in the magazine travels through different hands, different processes, the warm ink as well as the working printer, and finally get to be carefully bound and placed on a table, where there is a cup of tea.

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ISBN: 9789887406839

200 pagina's, 29,5 x 22,5 cm, geïllustreerd, paperback, Engels