Brand Addiction: Designing Identity for Fashion Stores

Wang Shaoqiang

Flamant, 2018


We use fashion as an outside expression of who we are on the inside. This is why, more than in any other field, branding is essential to the fashion industry. Good branding is storytelling – a consistent message, weaving meaning into every piece. Brand Addiction is a compilation of complete visual identity systems designed for fashion shops. From the door sign to the label, these projects take into account every detail of decoration, from labels, stationary, wrapping paper, bags, boxes or gifts, to the trademark colour, furniture, accessories such as hangers or curtains, and all sorts of decorative elements; all these components will contribute to nail a brand’s Identity and will definitely ignite consumers’ wish for belonging, and passion for purchasing. From start-up labels to well-known brands, and from clothing and shoe stores to jewellery and eye-wear shops, Brand Addiction features over 120 extraordinary projects that include fantastic ideas for branding and interior design: a great reference book for designers and store-owners.

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ISBN: 9788417084035

240 pagina's, kleurenillustraties, 21,5 x 29 cm, Hardcover, Engels