Alex Johnson

Thames & Hudson, Londen, 2012


Bookshelf is the first book to take the bookshelf as its subject. With the advent of the e-book, one might have thought the days of the bookshelf were numbered, but if the titles in your collection are a reflection of your personality, then so too is the design of your bookshelf.
From the conceptual ‘Read-Unread Bookshelf’ (which weighs books read against those still to be started) to the multi-function ‘Trick’ (a unit that transforms from shelf-space into a table and two chairs), Bookshelf presents over 200 inventive and experimental shelving designs in more than 300 colour illustrations.

Specification details are provided for each bookcase, including materials and documentation, and the accompanying texts by Alex Johnson, author and editor of ‘The Blog on the Bookshelf’, provide a fun and informative look at the history of the bookcase, as well as reflecting on how a new generation of designers have re-imagined a classic.

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ISBN: 9780500516140

272 pagina's, 305 illustraties in kleur, 18 × 18 cm, hardcover, Engels