Book Art

Iconic Sculpture and Installations Made from Books

Gestalten Verlag, Berlin, 2011


Given this medium’s persistent evolution over time, it should come as no surprise that the book has come to be a focus for many artists around the world. As texts have become readily available through different media, contemporary artists have been increasingly exploring the interplay between the function, structure, and format of books—often literally deconstructing them using scalpels and knives.

Book Art is a stunning 220-page documentation of current art, installation, and design created with and from books. The work is as diverse as books themselves: in some, sentences are cut and peeled out to create new contexts and more fluid meanings for narratives; in others, old printed pages are wound into threads which are then bound together into delicate objects, pieces of art that take months to make; in still others, the shapes of books are returned to the organic matter from which the paper they are printed on first came.

The fascinating range of examples in Book Art is eloquent proof that—despite or because of digital media’s inroads as sources of text information—the book’s legacy as a carrier of ideas and communication is being expanded today in the creative realm.

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ISBN: 9783899553666

208 pagina's, full color, 20 × 24 cm, hardcover, Engels