Bettina Rheims. Can you find Happiness


Philippe Dagen

Schirmer/Mosel, München, 2008.


out of print

With their opulent colors, immaculate classical compositions, perfect lines, and masterful treatment of the theme, Bettina Rheims’ erotic stories at times quote icons of art or cultural history, and are firmly rooted in the tradition of panel painting—or they orchestrate and mock stereotypes of the billboards and silver screen.
“Naked skin is like an empty page on which no one has yet written. When models come to me they shed everything: Their cloths, origins, and biography, their good or their bad taste,” Bettina Rheims comments, and goes on to emphasize: “In my pictures, sexuality is linked to pleasure and not to pain, as is so often the case in art.”
Can You Find Happiness: as for Bettina Rheims’ erotic pictures, not just beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but perhaps there’s happiness in beholding these images. After all, there are no strings attached, no limits set to even the wildest fantasies.
Bettina Rheims’ models know exactly what they want: They are young, saucy, spacy, and egotistic women. They enjoy presenting their own playful relationship to sexuality to the camera. When posing they shy away from neither shocking nor provoking. They act sensually and lasciviously as artworks of nature.

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ISBN: 9783829603515

128 pages, 94 colour and duotone plates, 22 x 27 cm, paperback, english