Bert Danckaert. Simple Present


Text: Jan Blommaert, design: Kim Beirnaert

VeenmanPublishers, Amsterdam, 2008


out of print

Danckaert’s work explores this notion of what is ‘typical’ and ‘authentic’ about a particular place — the thought that the basic structure of modern urban environments is essentially very similar and it is the major landmarks that create the sense of individual identity. When one thinks of China, images of the Great Wall or the Forbidden City create this sense of dynamic difference but for the locals, those places are anything but typical. The authentic is found near their workplace or their apartment building.

Throughout this book of fifty images, roughly half of which frame their subject squarely facing a wall. The other half describe their subjects at a 45 degree angle. This rigidity, which seems intentional, could work in his favor conceptually but I wish over the course of the book that there was more variation of frame and relationship to subject.

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ISBN: 978-9086-90-179-1

128 pages, 30,5 x 24,5 cm, hardcover, Chinese/English/Dutch