Architecture Without Content: Attributed Perspectives

Kersten Geers, Jelena Pancevac, Joris Kritis (Eds.)

Koenig Books, 2020


Architecture Without Content started as a study of the big box. It ends as an exercise in form and classicism. The twelve issues collected here complete the full set of 33 incarnations of Architecture Without Content. Architecture Without Content was always interested in an architecture that is reduced to its perimeter. That has not changed.
It is difficult, troubled, realistic and conscious. It always tries to figure out where the project happens.
Ultimately, we always had the desire to (re)define and perhaps to revive the tools of our practice.


ISBN: 9783960987598

480 pagina's, 29,7 x 21 cm, 12 boeken van verschillende omvang en 2 losse katernen, paperback, Engels