Objects of Fascination

Sophie Dars, Roxane Le Grelle

Accatone, 2021


In complete lockdown, everyone was stuck at home, chained to their tables, facing isolation, and eventually being inspired by the objects around them. This was seen as an opportunity to collaborate and share thoughts and fascinations around a common project, a collaborative furniture series called Objects of Fascination. National and international architects, artists and designers were asked to translate their personal fascination into the design for an aluminum table. The result is 44 coffee tables in erratic forms by, amongst others the Belgian architecture firm 51N4E, fala atelier from Portugal, l’AUC from Paris and Piovenefabi from Italy.

This project is initiated by CENTRAL office for architecture and urbanism (Radim Louda, Paul Mouchet & Valentin Piret), Maxime Delvaux and UR (Chloé Valadié & Gaétan Brunet) in March 2020. Produced by Architecture Curating Practice. Exhibition at MAD Home of Creators, Brussels

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200 pagina's, geïllustreerd, 20 x 13,2 cm, hardcover, Engels