Anton Henning: 20 Jahre Dilettantismus…

Joerg Bader, Anton Henning

Richter Verlag, Düsseldorf, 2008



German artist Anton Henning’s mixed-media installations, which reference the likes of Picasso, Cézanne and Miró, primarily incorporate painting and sculpture. This sleek monograph eschews essays, opting instead for a cheeky cross-referenced dictionary by Joerg Bader, contextualizing Henning’s practice through such terms as arabesque, camp and dandy.

Henning links the various art genres, treating Modernism and Post-Modernism as peers, in developing interiors from purpose-built furniture and wall decorations, sculptures that question the status of painting, and paintings that delve into both art history and everyday clichés. His art captivates and seduces, but at the same time, is unsettling, compelling the beholder to question his visual and mental horizons. His installations register that painting’s fate has been to become part of the interior, fashioning a three-dimensional aesthetic arena that incorporates design and sculpture, kitsch and appropriation. Henning is one of the leading exponents of a generation of artists that is not only at home with conceptualism, but also satisfies the expectations of an elaborated artistic practice.

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ISBN: 9783937572901

125 p., hardcover, Duits/Engels