Andy Warhol: Timeboxes

Limited Edition: 500 numbered copies OUT OF STOCK

Gianni Salvaterra

Federico Motta Editore, Milano, 2009


out of print

Timeboxes or Time Capsules are cardboard boxes, all identical in size, in which Andy Warhol, over the years, literally stuffed anything that he laid his hands on – apparently not needing what was contained inside these boxes, he did seem to want to save the memory of the contents – a gigantic archive (more than six hundred boxes housed in the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh), made up not just of correspondence and pages torn out of newspapers, but of a miscellany of objects. Nonetheless, ‘boxing’ for Warhol did not solely mean filing things away: very often ideas issued forth from the selections he made, from the ‘work-related notes’ he took, ideas that he once again elaborated, and that eventually led to the creation of new works of art. A special limited 500-copy edition of Andy Warhol’s Timeboxes has been printed, each unique copy characterised by its own sequence of pages and individual flyleafs, and ex libris attached by hand. The book comes in a valuable box lined with silver paper. The cover shows the title of the book as well as one of the wallpaper patterns designed by Warhol. The volume contains more than 450 subjects and is entirely printed in colour using 14 different types of paper. Pages number 300 plus 8 printed four-sided folders on silver cartridge paper with 8 pop-ups applied by hand and 3 four-sided folders in GSK (tracing-type) paper, on which some of the objects contained in the Warholian Time Capsules are reproduced.

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ISBN: 9788871795317

433 pages, 400 illustrations, 28 × 36 cm, hardcover in a box, bilingual English/Italian