An Fonteyne: Chambres d’Amis (Carrousel Confusions)

Edition of 600 copies

Jan De Vylder, Annamaria Prandi (Eds.)

ETH Studio Jan De Vylder, 2023


Presented by ETH Studio Jan De Vylder, Carrousel Confessions Confusion is a series revealing both the authors’ personal interests and the studio’s own pursuits in the form of confessions.

For this edition, interior architect An Fonteyne reflects on the year 1986. The year of the disaster at Chernobyl. The year the space shuttle ‘Challenger’ exploded while millions watched. The year Belgium was fourth at the World Cup. The year of the ‘Chambres d’Amis’ exhibition in Ghent, where more than 50 international artists were invited to create work in as many private homes. Which she visited as a teenage girl and would only later realise, to her embarrassment, the absence of women.

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ISBN: 9783967363188

72 pagina's, geïllustreerd, 27 x 20 cm, paperback, Engels