Americans in Paris: Artists Working in Postwar France, 1946-1962

Debra Bricker Balken, Lynn Gumpert (Eds.)

Hirmer Verlag, 2022


The lavishly illustrated volume introduces the story of the American creative community that inhabited the “City of Light” following the Second World War. Proposing Paris as decisive for the development of postwar American art, this volume investigates the academies where many of these artists studied, the spaces where their work was exhibited, the aesthetic discourses that animated their conversations, their interactions with European artists, and the overarching issue of what it meant to be an American abroad.
Janice Biala, James Bishop, Norman Bluhm, Seymour Boardman, Louise Bourgeois, Robert Breer, Emil Cadoo, Lawrence Calcagno, Barbara Chase-Riboud, Oscar Chelimsky, Herman Cherry, Bernard Childs, Ed Clark, Ralph Coburn, William N. Copley, Harold Cousins, Carmen D’Avino, Beauford Delaney, Joe Downing, Jean Dubuffet, Thomas Erma, Claire Falkenstein, Sam Francis, Ruth Francken, Herbert Gentry, Shirley Goldfarb, Leon Golub, Al Held, Carmen Herrera, Sheila Hicks, Shirley Jaffe, Paul Jenkins, Ellsworth Kelly, Robert Keyser, William Klein, John Franklin Koenig, June Leaf, John Levee, Liliane Lijn, Frank Lobdell, Boris Lurie, Gregory Masurovsky, Georges Mathieu, Henri Michaux, Jay Milder, Joan Mitchell, François Morellet, George Morrison, Kenneth Noland, Alfonso Ossorio, Larry Potter, Haywood “Bill” Rivers, Sal Romano, Alfred Russell, Peter Saul, Kimber Smith, Pierre Soulages, Nancy Spero, George Sugarman, Shinkichi Tajiri, Bob Thompson, Walasse Ting, Mark Tobey, Melvin van Peebles, Sabine Weiss, Hugh Weiss, Wols, Jack Youngerman, Leo Zimmerman


ISBN: 9783777436371

300 pagina's, 270 kleurenillustraties, 30,5 x 25,5 cm, hardcover, Engels