Alex Katz: Painting the Now

Jacob Proctor

Museum Brandhorst & Hirmer, 2019


Alex Katz emerged on the New York scene in the 1950s during the heyday of Abstract Expressionism and just prior to the explosion of Pop Art, yet his unique aesthetic has always stood apart from other painters of his generation. Influenced by contemporary music, dance and poetry, he has long pursued his own idiosyncratic and decidedly modern form of realism. From his iconic portraits of family, friends, and artistic collaborators to his less well-known landscapes and city scenes, Katz’s consummate technique and sensitivity for painterly surfaces unfolds in productive tension with the formal languages of film, fashion, and advertising.

ISBN: 9783777432373

120 pagina's, 107 illustraties in kleur, 33 × 27 cm, hardcover, Engels