Alberto Giacometti et l’Égypte antique

Thierry Pautot, Romain Perrin, Marc Etienne

Fage Editions, 2021


Alberto Giacometti has always had a fascination with the works of ancient Egypt. Whether in its drawings, sculpture or painting, Egyptian art constitutes both a repertoire of forms and an essential source of inspiration for its practice. From statues of scribes and pharaohs to portraits of mummies from Fayum, Giacometti, a fervent visitor to the Louvre museum, has looked at all the periods of Egyptian antiquity, maintaining a personal dialogue with this ancient art.
An exceptional collaboration with the Louvre allows this dialogue to continue by comparing emblematic works by Giacometti, as well as numerous unpublished drawings, with Egyptian statues. This richly illustrated book offers an original reinterpretation of Giacometti’s art through the prism of ancient Egypt.


ISBN: 9782849756805

192 pagina's, geïllustreerd, 23 x 17 cm, hardcover, Engels/Frans