Adrian Ghenie (Tim Van Laere Gallery 2021)

Katrien Loret

Tim Van Laere Books, 2021


Adrian Ghenie has risen to be one of the most important contemporary painters. His unique style is characterized by a remarkable wealth of pictorial fragments with a flowing and hallucinatory spatial arrangement that results in a collage-like gathering of distinct pictorial motifs, a hedonistic sensuality, and an innovative, radical and eclectic interpretation of the most diverse subjects. When you enter his exhibition at Tim Van Laere Gallery, you instantly feel the sheer energy and movement radiating from his paintings. His subjects seem chosen to fit his painterly ambition to pursue dynamic compositions charged with energy and theatrical qualities. His visual language is entirely his own, built on earlier conversations led in art history by artists with a similar interest in dynamic compositions and energetic gestures in painting, such as the baroque painters and the abstract expressionists. For instance, he demonstrates expert mastery of baroque chiaroscuro, but also of the gestural use of paint, such as drips, scrapes and splatters, which are key signatures of abstract expressionism.


ISBN: 9789464004052

80 pagina's, kleurillustraties, 25,5 x 20,5 cm, hardcover, Engels/Nederlands/Frans