Adolf Loos: From Interior To Urban City (a+u 573)

Yoshio Sakurai (ed.)

Shinkenchiku-sha, 2018


The second of a two-part series on Adolf Loos, “From Interior to Urban City” introduces 36 various works divided into four chapters: “Residential Addition and Alternation Plans”, “Interior Design”, “Collective Housing”, and “Mixed-use Facilities”. Although most of the housing and mixed-use projects are unbuilt, it includes new models, drawings, and graphics based on original sketches, photographs, and previous research, which in turn offer insight into how Loos’s complex three-dimensional spaces are seen in a variety of typologies. Maps and a chronology of the architect’s projects complete the issue, guest edited by Yoshio Sakurai, Tokyo University professor and an expert on Loos.

ISBN: 4910019730682

192 pagina's, kleur & z/w illustraties, 23 × 29 cm, paperback, Japans/Engels