Acoustics and Sound Insulation

Principles, Planning, Examples Out of Print

Eckard Mommertz

Birkhaüser, Basel, 2009


out of print

Sound installation and acoustics are perhaps not the primary factors that normally influence a building’s design. Nevertheless, if you have ever failed to understand the lecturer in a seminar room, found the noise level in a large office unbearable or lost sleep due to a neighbour’s snoring, it becomes clear how significantly room acoustics contribute to your everyday well being. Every room possesses an acoustic dimension that varies depending on the requirements of its function.
The handbook conveys practical and experienced knowledge of acoustical engineering to all expert planners, architects as well as to interested building contractors. In doing so, the manual raises your awareness of how specific acoustic considerations can contribute to the success of a project.

* Detailed, typologically specific measures for acoustic and noise-control engineering
* Building acoustics
* Room acoustics
* Design and forecasting procedures
* Noise protection in urban design
* Samples of completed projects

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ISBN: 9783764399535

112 pages, 21 x 29,7 cm, numerous diagrams and photos, Paperback, English