Above the Fold. Understanding the Principles of Successful Web Site Design

Brian Miller

How Books, Cincinatti, 2011


“Above the Fold: A Detailed Look at 100 Great Web sites” uses bullet points to explain specific elements of smart Web design. Rather than lengthy paragraphs commonly found in how-to books, this is a ‘show how’ book which features hundreds of arrows and bullet points, pointing out specific elements within each web site that are examples of sound design. This analysis of 100 great sites contains both objective and subjective points of view. Whenever possible, subjectivity is reduced by providing factual data such as conversion stats, visits and profitability. These points of fact are supported by quotes from insiders and other industry experts.

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ISBN: 9781440308420

272 pagina's, 22,2 x 19,1 cm, geïllustreerd, Paperback, Engels