Hockenheimer Seat

Collect, arrange and take a seat!

Plaatsgebrek voor je boeken of tijdschriften? Het Hockenheimer-zitje biedt je dé oplossing! Basis van gewaxt berkenhout, lederen riem, gesp en kussen: alles handgemaakt.

The „Hockenheimer“ enables collecting magazines and newspapers and thereby creates a sustainable and personalised furniture. Enjoy the advantage of subscription! The stand is made of birch wood, it is manufactured smoothly by hand in a youth workshop nearby Coburg, Bavaria, Germany. The wood is waxed and brush-finished. Every nju-pillow is made by hand so each is unique.
Even the leather straps are specially custom-made and equipped with buckles and rivets by hand.

Dimensions (wood base): 41,5 × 30,5 × 7 cm Newspaper. Price: € 140
30,5 × 25 ×7 cm Magazin. Price: € 128