Tony Fretton Architects. Buildings and their Territories

Pamela Buxton, Chris Neve (Eds.)

A comprehensive overview on the work of renowned London architect Tony Fretton (born 1945). After graduating from the reputable Architectural Association in 1982 Fretton opened his own architect s office. He attracted attention early on with the Lisson Gallery and the "Red House" (London). His spatial creations and their incorporation into the urban context are of subtle mastery. With his designs for the Camden Arts Centre, the Fuglsang Kunstmuseum in Denmark, London townhouse for the artist Anish Kapoor and the British embassy in Warsaw, Fretton has emerged as one of the most prominent contemporary architects. Included are two projects in Belgium: the Westkaai Towers in Antwerp and the Town Hall and Administrative Centre, Deinze.
This monograph provides a long-awaited reference work to his oeuvre.

ISBN-13: 9783034608084

260 pagina's, geïllustreerd, 30 × 30 cm, hardcover, Engels

Birkhäuser, Basel, 2013
€ 69.00