Werkplaats Typografie 1998-2008

Wonder Years

Lisette Smits/Alex DeArmond/Jeremy Jansen Julie Peeters/Scott Ponik/Boy Vereecken

More than an anthology, the archive represented in this book is an interpretation of a design school history by compiling its items according to a rather subjective, incomplete and sometimes inimitable set of entries.
The 10 years story of the Werkplaats Typografie is narrated by a group of current participants, intersected by annotations, voice over and parallel readings from different contributors including Uta Eisenreich, Paul Elliman, Willem Oorebeek, Jay Baldwin, Armand Mevis and Karel Martens.

ISBN-13: 9789077459300

256 pagina's, ills. in kleur & z/w, 23 × 30 cm, paperback, Engels

Artez, Arnhem/Amsterdam 2008