Architectural Spaces with Washi II (a+u)


Part of the fascination of washi (traditional Japanese paper) is that its natural shading creates a changing visual effect known as ‘utsuroi’. Designer Eriko Horiki brings the emotions and feelings that have been nurtured in traditional Japanese architecture alive in contemporary architectural spaces – whether commercial, renovation, domestic, or entrances – through her innovative application and use of washi in interior spaces. Her installations give visitors a physical experience and a taste of what a large-scale washi environment can achieve. Using finely textured paper and precise illumination, Horiki produces an atmospheric feeling with a hint of something mystical just on the other side.

ISBN-13: 9784900212244

152 pagina's, illustraties in kleur & z/w, 22 × 22 cm, paperback, Japans/Engels

Architecture and Urbanism, July 2018, Special Issue
€ 35.00