Aldo Van Eyck: Orphanage Amsterdam, Building and Playgrounds

Christoph Grafe

In 1954 there were about 300 playgrounds in Amsterdam designed by Aldo van Eyck (1918-1999) which gave him the opportunity to start the making of one of the most important buildings in modern architectural history: the orphanage in Amsterdam (1955-1960). Every detail, material, colour of this highlight with several pavilions, picturesque domes and ingeniously connected patios is to be found in a new richly illustrated book. Already before it was finished the architects Buckminster Fuller, Louis Kahn and others visited this masterpiece and wrote about it in a lyrical way.

ISBN-13: 9789461400604

268 pagina's, 23.7 × 30.9 cm, hardcover, Engels

Architectura & Natura, 2018
€ 39.50