Change the World City by City

Leen Gorissen, Erika Meynaerts

Defines the elements of success to urban change making

If you think innovation comes primarily from the business world...
If you think city making can only be done by public administrations...
If you think sustainability is for tree huggers...
Think again.

The future is the result of what we all create together. Change makers are the innovators of our time. Change the World City by City shines a light on their work by focusing on transition initiatives in five European cities. These initiatives aim to make the world a better place by changing the way we think, act and co-operate.
At first glance, their transformative capacity might be tiny in a world dominated by large-scale corporations and powerful vested interests. Yet when you dive deeper, you will discover that making the future happens organically, everywhere, all the time, that urban innovation does not thrive on competition but on collaboration and that the work to make this world a better place starts with ourselves and not with others.

ISBN-13: 9789401453578

240 pagina's, kleurenillustraties, 25 × 18 cm, paperback, Engels

Lannoo Campus, 2018
€ 29.95