Handbook of Methods for Architecture and Design

Stefan Kurath, Roland Züger, Andri Gerber, Holger Schurk

Although the design process as such may initially seem less systematic and organised, methods are the all-important basis of design practice in architecture and urban design. Moreover, they can help to decipher the frame conditions of planning beyond the design process in order to derive strategies for successful implementation. In that context, our Handbook is designed to enable two levels of reading: to provide a basic understanding of the role of methodology in architecture and urban design on the one hand, and a comprehensible explanation of a broad range
of methods and their specific area of application supported by concrete examples on the other.
By doing that, we hope to help designers understand their own actions and provide tools that will assist them in the design process at the same time.

ISBN-13: 9783038630319

176 pagina's, geïllustreerd, 13 × 19 cm, paperback, Engels

Triest, 2018
€ 25.00