Ways of Being: Advice fo Artists by Artists

James Cahill

How do you be an artist? How do you become one in the first place, and what sort of advice should you need along the way? Is art a 'career', or a vocation? Do you need a studio or a dealer, and how do you find one? Are artists too competitive? How do they come up with ideas, and what is the point of the private view? Does financial success—or the lack of it—change an artist? What are the advantages of getting older? How do older artists look back on their earlier work, and is it possible for an artist to ever retire? Based upon advice from a huge roster of artists, dealers and curators; and encompassing every stage of an artist's life—from early works, to debut shows and mid and late-career—this book answers all the key questions that every artist has at some point asked themselves.

ISBN-13: 9781786273079

168 pagina's, 21 × 14,8 cm, paperback, Engels

Laurence King Publishing, 2018
€ 15.50