Gion A. Caminada: On the Path to Building

A Conversation about Architecture with Florian Aicher

Florian Aicher

Gion Caminada is well-known far beyond Switzerland’s borders: as an architect, whose work is developed out of – and gives new life to – its context. The award-winning renewal of his native community of Vrin, the renaissance of the village of Valendas with its inn and village hall, the buildings in and around Disentis Abbey that contributed to the abbey’s revival, and many more. He passes on his experience in his role as a professor of architecture and design at the ETH. His contribution to architecture is being presented at the 2018 Venice Biennale.
In this illustrated interview Gion Caminada tells of his path to building, of old villages, of working together with engaged citizens, and of the ideas that drive him forward in life.

ISBN-13: 9783035615425

160 pagina's, 44 illustraties, 20.2 × 12.5 cm, paperback, Engels

Birkhauser, 2018
€ 29.95