Walk This Way

Footwear from the Stuart Weitzman Colllection of Historic Shoes

Edward Maeder

Best known for his trademark use of unique materials, including cork, vinyl, Lucite and wallpaper, and his creation of one-of-a-kind, "million dollar" shoes for Oscar nominees to wear at the Academy Awards (including the diamond-encrusted platinum sandals worn by Laura Harring in 2002), Stuart Weitzman's own private collection of historic shoes, features a similarly eclectic range of styles and materials.
An introduction by Weitzman explains why his collection is both a celebration of unusual and elegant detail and construction, and an inspiration in the creation of his own designs. This is followed by an exploration of how 20th-century design and culture-architecture, popular dances, Hollywood, politics and the emerging feminist movement-influenced shoe design and manufacture, wonderfully illustrated with examples from the Weitzman collection and contextual images.

ISBN-13: 9781911282143

208 pagina's, geïllustreerd, 23,8 × 19,9 cm, hardcover, Engels

Giles, 2018
€ 29.95