What's so Great about the Eiffel Tower?

70 questions that will change the way you think about architecture

Jonathan Glancey

Why do we find the idea of a multi-coloured Parthenon so shocking today? Why was the Eiffel Tower such a target for hatred when it was first built? Is the Sagrada Família a work of genius or kitsch? Why has Le Corbusier, one of the greatest of all architects, been treated as a villain?
This book examines the critical legacy of both well known and either forgotten or underappreciated highpoints in the history of world architecture. Through 70 engaging, thought-provoking, and often amusing debates, Jonathan Glancey invites readers to take a fresh look at the reputations of the masterpieces and great architects in history. You may never look at architecture in the same way again!

ISBN-13: 9781780679198

176 pagina's, 100 illustraties, 19,5 × 14,9 cm, paperback, Engels

Laurence King Publishing, 2017
€ 16.00