Flipping Pages


Layout—an often misunderstood aspect of design. So often, as layout designers, we hear people telling us that layout is easy, just putting text and images on a page and moving it around to make it “nice”. However, the reality is that a book designer has to follow tonnes of design, typographical and composition rules. The process behind fine tuning these details is gruelling and tedious work.
We believe that a successful book layout design is not only about what designers should do — but also what designers should not do. It is about the thought processes behind these decisions, solving these problems with the turn of each page as well as balancing the harmony between text and images. And these points are just what Flipping Pages strives to present.

ISBN-13: 9789887757290

320 pagina's, geïllustreerd, 21 × 34 cm, hardcover, Engels

SendPoints, 2017
€ 49.90