Case Milanesi 1923-1973: Fifty Years of Residential Architecture in Milan

Pierini Orsina Simona, Isastia Alessandro

The interest in the golden years of the Milanese architecture, the period leading up to the first experiments of Ca 'Bruzio by Giovanni Muzio to the last works of the Modern in the Seventies, is constantly growing. Architecture lovers and researchers are turning to Milan in search of the works of Terragni, Ponti, Portaluppi, Lingeri, Asnago and Vender, Figini and Pollini, Hunting Dominion, Buttons, Gardella, BBPR, Zanuso, Magistretti and many other architects open-air museum of the twentieth century.

Yet there was not a book that in about 80 boards redesign planimetry, plant and building prospect, so as to capture both constructive details and housing solutions. This volume is the result of a research work that the authors conducted with a team from the Politecnico di Milano. Each building is accompanied by one or more photographs by Stefano Topuntoli taken for the occasion and from repertoire material.
The volume, introduced by Cino Zucchi - a well-known architect and scholar of Milanese architecture, is accompanied by two critical essays by the authors who place the Milanese era in the wider context of 20th-century architecture. A map locates buildings in the city context. A large bibliography by Maurizio Grandi completes the volume and, in appendix, the translation of the texts into English.

ISBN-13: 9788820380915

512 pagina's, geïllustreerd, 24 × 30 cm, hardcover, Italiaans/Engels

Ulrico Hoepli Editore, 2017
€ 69.90