The Artist/Knight

Joanna De Vos, Larry List & Melania Rossi

The knight is an archetypal symbol that speaks to everyone’s imagination. In The Artist/Knight, the book that accompanies the international group exhibitionat Gaasbeek Castle, art historian Joanna De Vos deconstructs the historical, cultural and religious significance of the knight and examines which different aspects can be found in contemporary art. In words and images, she argues that modern and contemporary artists are the heirs of knightly ideals.
The Artist/Knight is a tribute to the poetic artist/knight who gallantly gallops forth from the vestiges of the chivalrous era. The tragic-heroic warrior who falls and arises, defeats, rescues, defends, protects, searches, enquires and who, filled with anticipation, is permanently occupied.
The work of some fifty artists around themes such as the self-portrait of the artist as a knight, literal and figurative armour, the battle, chess and jousting, humanist commitment, and the triumph over time is brought together.
With work by Marina Abramović, Giorgio de Chirico, Robert Devriendt, Tracey Emin, Jan Fabre, Damien Hirst, Wassily Kandinsky, Kris Martin, Jonathan Meese, Pablo Picasso and Andy Wauman.

ISBN-13: 9789492677099

128 pagina's, kleurenillustraties, 24 × 17 cm, hardcover, Engels

Kasteel van Gaasbeek & Hannibal, 2017
€ 24.50