Robbrecht en Daem: An Architectural Anthology

Maarten Van Den Driessche (Ed.)

The oeuvre on which Robbrecht en Daem architecten has worked since its foundation in 1975 has developed a variation and maturity that stands up on the international stage. The extensive portfolio includes an impressive number of architecture and infrastructure projects, interiors and landscapes in Belgium and abroad. From a dovecot in the Dutch village of Dorst to the Concertgebouw in Bruges. From an art gallery in the multicultural London district of Whitechapel to a new storehouse for the renowned winery Le Pin in Pomerol and the City Archives of Bordeaux.
The constant quality of the work is invariably a result of the precise architectural vision that, from the start, has characterized the practice around founding duo Paul Robbrecht (b. 1950) and Hilde Daem (b. 1950) and, since 2002, Johannes Robbrecht (b. 1977), and which still today forms the basis of a careful project approach. An entirely idiosyncratic vision regarding colour use, dimensioning and materiality is combined with a position of dialogue with regard to the commission, the functions, the built context. The work of Robbrecht en Daem architecten is timeless, sustainable and focused, but above all also serviceable.

The various collaborations with artists (Juan Muñoz, Isa Genzken, etc.), the dialogic approach with regard to the old masters of architecture (Mies van der Rohe, Van de Velde, etc.), the attention for the presence of the individual in their buildings, the designing of objects and ultimately a dialogue between artists about the fascination of numbers have resulted in 5 key themes that enable access to the work of Robbrecht en Daem architecten. Each of the themes (Art, Masters, People, Objects, Numbers) sheds light from a specific perspective on the global vision and that is why each theme has been assigned to an essayist, on one hand, and a photographer, on the other.
Drawing on new visual material, a picture and project accordion shows the wide selection of 63 projects (including previously unpublished ones). Nine of these projects are identified as key projects.

'An Architectural Anthology' aims to tell the story of Robbrecht en Daem architecten from the early 1980s until today in a symphonic manner: the research and the interests, their 'lost souls' and successes.

ISBN-13: 9789462301559

732 pagina's, 500 illustraties, 24,5 × 18,9 cm, paperback, Engels

Mercatorfonds, 2017
€ 59.95